An academy of ultimate skills that serve beauty.

We create beauty through golden intersection proportions (phi -1.618). We see the perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes.
We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught separately.

However, it is not our aim to teach all our students everything. Our teaching system and our material is divided in such a way that 60 out of 100 students manage to complete the course. 61 out of 100 is also a golden ratio – PHI.

Our students are taught through live or online courses and they have to pass very strict criteria and standards prior to obtaining their certificates.

With respect to the modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time. All our student are taught in special Craft Master application. On one hand, the application represents a base of all the pieces of information about the skill and, on the other, a platform in which the student and the master are going towards the same goal through mutual communication. Application contains a lot of tools to facilitate the work of both students and masters.

In addition to passing the skills, we try to teach our students to respect their clients. Respecting clients includes taking care of them. Taking care of clients includes using high quality products and technique.

Beauty must not be more important than health.

After obtaining the certificate, a student becomes a PhiArtist. The PhiArtist has obtained and proved the skill he is learning.

A PhiArtist who gained an even more important skill – adjustment skill, becomes a Royal Artist. When we say “adjustment skill”, we mean that the Artist is able to adjust his work to different types of clients and skin, different obstacles and problems. This is the frontier where an artist abandons all the rules and patterns. That is how a personal style is built and new techniques that improve the industry are created.

Only those who can follow and respect the rules and patterns, i.e. certified Artists, can abandon them. Students who abandon the rules and patterns without being certified never obtain their certificates.

If you think that you can do more than someone else, first you have to prove that you can do the same.

In order to get the Royal Artist title, you need to get the approval from all the Academy’s Masters.

Royal Artists who show selfless help towards the other students, whose work is respected and whose name is highly appreciated among artists and masters can become also Masters of 6their skills. They can also apoint masters among their students and become grand masters in this way.

The highest and the last level is a phibrows studio. It is named after the first treatment that was studied in PhiAcademy. A founder of a Phibrows studio is an official representative of PhiAcademy and PhiBrows company. Royals and Masters can be the founders.

PhiAcademy only produces goods that we cannot find on the market of the desired quality and that is about 40% of total products used when working.

For all the other products, we choose highest quality brands in the industry that earned their position thanks to the quaility built through experience, rather than brands that have imposed themselves on the market by marketing.

Behind every product with the PHI mark there is a serious company that produces it, as well as PhiAcademy that guarantees the high quality product based on thorough research.

Our vision

Alter the world in which kind cosmeticians are appreciated more than top Artists. Alter the consciousness of our clients who take better care of the leather their bags are made of than the skin on their face.

Kindness is usually a compensation for the lack of skill. Aggressive marketing is a compensation for the lack of word of mouth marketing.

Teach Artists to teach their clients, because ignorance pays for beauty in health and for water by the price of gold.