“I did not build Microblading an auxiliary technique of classical PMU. I watched the microblading as completely different, special skills for wich acquisition takes a lot of knowledge, practice, mutual communication… Training on the simulation skin is not interrupted never, never completed… It is not easy a diploma our academy.”

You don’t get a certificate when you finish the initial course. All exercises and examinations can be taken only with one possible grade.

It can be just perfect, that is the only possible note in our scoring system.

The certificate is approved personally by Branko Babić.

Average obtaining the certificate in was 60%.

Microblading Academy Branko Babić undertakes for 6 months after the initial course to do free controlling work, provides additional information and advise students through professional forums on the website, whom can access only our students with the PASSWORD which is obtained in the course.


1. Plotting the shape of eyebrows with golden ratio (golden ratio Phi 1618), the front and arcade bones. The starter kit is located in the golden section divider which is specifically tailored preparation forms.

2. The application for easy determination of symmetry with a few tools. The application also stores all your work and information of the client and implemented treatment on the server, so that in case you lose your phone you always have preserved records and pictures of clients.

The website includes a map of all our certified master. A special plaque to highlight those whose experience, quality, and continuous improvement as well as positive features an example for other colleagues.

3. Website contains all the relevant information about the treatment, proper design, post-treatment care, answers to frequently asked questions clients….
The website will provide the possibility of streaming the conference with Branko Babić in order to master the advanced hyperrealism and get to know all the news.

* Also with special attention describe shock through which customers pass after treatment. In this way, the client can through the site informs you about all the details.

4. At least once a year for our certified students will be organized a big MASTERCLASS show for two days, which includes learning new tricks and work on a live model.




After the third day of the course you get the certificate of attendance, it doesn’t mean that you are PhiBrows, it is just a proof that you attended the course.
The course doesn’t end after three days, students stay in contact with the PhiAcademy for at least 6 months.

PhiAcademy is always there for your questions and also you will send your works first on skin simulation and then on live models.

After successful working on live models, you get a certificate of finishing the course, that only depends on students and their hard work.


Yes, it is. Every material used in making PhiBrows equipment is sterilized in addition to safety measures they are being packed in “Clean room” class 1000.

At least once a year for our certified students will be organized a big MASTER CLASS show for two days, which includes learning new techniques and a big party.