Santa Kalniņa

Official Phibrows Master  * Official Phiacademy representative in the UK * International microblading specialist and trainer

Having  an extreme passion for beauty from an early age, but not choosing this as my career from the beginning of my professional life, made the years spent in the wrong industry joyless. Having enough determination and belief in myself changed my life enormously when I opened my beauty business primarily focusing one specialised eyebrow treatments. It opened doors to  new horizons and provided me with opportunities and chances to succeed.

Researching eyebrow trends, latest innovative treatments and undertaking multiple training courses ,I came across Phiacademy and Branko Babic, the founder and at that time the only trainer in academy. In 2015, having ‘attention to detail’ personality, persistence and continuing to improve my skills in microblading, it lead me to the highest achievement in my career- becoming an official Phibrows master and first Phibrows master in the UK. Joining Phibrows has inspired my life with new dimensions perfectionism.

I chose PhiAcademy because it is world famous training school providing highest standards of training in permanent makeup and other beauty treatments, and is the most successful and reputable microblading academy in the world which continues growing and innovating day by day.

It will be my greatest pleasure to share with you my knowledge and experience gained during my microblading and teaching career.

With professionalism and dedication I will support you through this journey in our academy, helping you to achieve your full potential and teaching you to deliver the highest standard of microblading treatment.

I always admire people who have enough courage and strength to follow their dreams, change their career and do not settle for less.